Important Facts About Scabies Symptoms

Published: 05th October 2011
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If you are infected with scabies for the first time, there's a much better chance that you have spread it to other people. This happens because usually the irritating symptoms won't appear for up to a month after the infestation, but you are contagious anyway. As a result, the person who is now infected can be transferring the mites to other people without his or her knowledge. Any prolonged, direct contact with people will spread the scabies mites. Assuredly, there are many other "hosts" that can transfer the mites to people in addition to skin-to-skin contact. We will spell out the inside story on the scabies mite and relevant side issues in this article.

The rash causes extreme itching (pruritus), most notably at nighttime. The symptoms can affect most of your body or be limited to specific areas. At nighttime you may experience symptoms that are much stronger than they were during the daytime. The symptoms can vary according to the age of the person who is infested. In particular, smaller children can have a much more serious reaction to the infestation than those of older or younger ages. While the allergic reaction of smaller children is usually the worst, older adults can also have extreme itchiness. The age groups with the mildest symptoms are teenagers and young adults. You will encourage sores at the infestation sites if you scratch. How severe these sores become depends on the how hard and persistent you scratch.

The human body can actually host a scabies infestation in a variety of locations. It is possible for scabies to go from place to place because they do not need a body for short periods. For instance, the mites can survive on physical objects in your home and spread as other people grab them. Looking like tiny sores, scabies can show up on your scalp or on various other parts of the body. Other areas of the body where infestations can occur are the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet. The blister-looking sores are called, vesicles, and they will accompany the extreme itching.

One of the worst complications of scabies is called post-nodular scabies syndrome. It is believed that the nodules result from a strong allergic reaction to the mites and their eggs. These nodules like to populate in areas that are commonly covered with clothes. Common locations are the in the groin area, buttocks, male genitalia, and under the arms. These post scabies nodules can last, and itch, for months after the original infestation has been taken care of.

Most people that get scabies must have this treated as quickly as possible as they will not be able to stand symptoms that progress. Anyone that has scabies will need to get rid of them because of the itching that is so intense that it must be medically addressed. People also risk getting supplementary infections that will inevitably occur if the scabies is not treated in a timely manner. The reason that bacterial infections will show up is usually because people scratch the areas that itch so badly that they open the skin and bleed. Anyone that thinks that they have scabies should immediately get a diagnosis from a medical doctor and get treated for this infestation.

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